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Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Priti Raichura shares insight on winter weddings growing in popularity

The majority of weddings take place when the weather is warmer. However, winter weddings are quickly becoming a growing trend. As a planner, it is imperative to ensure that couples have the utmost perfect day regardless of the weather conditions.

Why I hear you ask?

Even with the minus temperatures outside in January, the indoor ambience can be as warm as being outside in June. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect winter wedding indoors:

  • Consider warm colours when choosing wedding decorations. Accent shades work a treat and will create a cosy feel to the venue.

  • Imagine having a wedding canopy draped in ivy garlands, the scent of cinnamon spice candles and glitter conkers for table décor. Serve mulled wine and hot non-alcoholic drinks to warm your guests. By bringing the outdoors in, you will create a winter wonderland feel to any venue of your choice.

  • During the colder months, venues tend to reduce the hire prices as its considered low season. Create that magical fairy tale wedding by selecting a castle or manor house for your special day.

  • If you’re after a winter wonderland theme but not guaranteed snowfall, capture your wedding vows against a wintery background.

  • Shorter days equal more time to party at the reception. Get the party started early to reduce the waiting time. Have the catering team put out a Christmas market themed spread of canapés. In addition, have freshly cooked warm desserts for guests to enjoy instead of cold desserts.

The wedding market is dynamic and trends change from year-to-year, however, winter weddings are certainly growing in popularity. So be sure not to rule the colder months when planning your wedding day! Tune in to the next edition of Pukaar Magazine, as I share more invaluable advice and ideas with you.

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