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Who we are 

Priti Raichura is the company  founder and executive director. For the past fifteen years, she has produced and designed ethereal, timeless weddings and business events.

Priti was born and raised in the multicultural city of Leicester (UK), and she enjoys fusing her Indian heritage with her British sensibility whenever she can. She gives a hands-on approach to weddings and events, ensuring a unique and curated approach to all her events making them polished to a high standard.

Her enthusiasm for events led her to organise significant events for Pukaar News after working first as an NHS professional and subsequently while traveling the world.


She organised the Leicester Curry Awards, took them to Toronto, and planned to hold them there as well as in Paris and Malta, among other nations around the world. She has also planned high-profile events at the House of Lords and also events for Big Brands such as Pretty Little Thing, NEXT, Toyota, IBM and many others. She has received recognition from King Charles for her work and was invited to visit His Majesty the King at Buckingham Palace in 2022.

Since starting her own Corporate and Private Events company in 2007, Priti has been organising luxury weddings and events. Her vast vision and originality, which are tempered with a keen eye for every detail, have earned her recognition from her colleagues and in print, TV, and radio appearances.

Prior to starting her own business, Priti had the pleasure of working in the Mumbai events industry in India, where she had the honour of rubbing shoulders with Bollywood stars and organising events with FNX - India. This experience deepened her enthusiasm for the art of event design.

Priti has a strong enthusiasm for dance, music, and photography. Her love of events and weddings has also found a home in her established wedding and corporate video and photography business.

Priti is passionate about food; she has great relationships with caterers and, as a self-described foodie, she appreciates and understands the value of high-quality cuisine for all occasions. In fact, such is her breadth of knowledge about Indian food that Priti hosts the BBC Curry show on Radio Leicester. She frequently makes appearances on radio and television in her position as an event planner and wedding expert, most notably as the Wedding Guru and bridal expert for the Pukaar Magazine, for which she frequently writes for.

As a perfectionist she ensures the assembling of the best team for all her events. She works with the preferences and financial constraints of her clients ensuring everyone stays on track.  According to Priti, an event is comparable to directing a Bollywood production without a dress rehearsal. Stage management, lighting, sound, production, and catering must all be attended to simultaneously.

Priti Raichura is in high demand as a speaker at weddings due to her reputation for excellence as an award-winning businesswoman who not only plans bespoke weddings but also serves as Master of Ceremonies at several weddings and corporate events. Being a popular radio presenter on sanskar radio, her ability to keep listeners engaged is an added bonus when she uses these skills at events and weddings.

Priti has experience working with a wide range of worldwide brands and is a specialist in her sector. Priti enjoys working with clients from other countries, and her portfolio keeps expanding in countries like Malta, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey where her professionalism and success have been lauded. Priti takes pride in being one of the few businesses in the UK that can offer the Royal palaces in London as a location for her clients to hold events of weddings.

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