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The Perfect Look

Wedding Guru and award-winning wedding planner Priti Raichura shares some helpful tips on choosing the right make-up artist (MUA) for your special day.

The room goes silent and the music starts. All eyes are on the entrance waiting for the bride’s arrival. As soon as the doors open, everyone looks at her and the thoughts running through everyone’s mind is ‘wow she looks amazing!’. But how do you achieve the ‘right’ look?

  • First things first, do your research!

  • Which colours suit me? – every colour looks different on each person, depending on skin tone and skin type, so experiment if you can. Many high street cosmetic counters offer complimentary taster sessions.

  • What make-up style is trending? – styles change every season including traditional looks.

  • Do I want to look traditional, modern or something different?

  • Get inspiration from social media, magazines, or if you have a MUA in mind have a look through their portfolio.

  • Test different looks out on yourself. It’s very important that on your wedding day, you’re fully comfortable with your face and hair.

  • Create a mood board of images you like on yourself.

Once you have a vision in mind, start looking for the right MUA for the wedding. Now listen carefully this is the most important part… do your research! Even if you find someone through recommendation. I know of a bride who confirmed her MUA after seeing one before and after photo on social media. Remember, it all comes down to what do you want on the big day.

Here are some questions to bear in mind:

  • Does the MUA have before and after photos?

  • Are there any testimonials from past brides?

  • Can someone you know offer recommendations?

One of the first question a bride will have is, ‘how much do you charge?’

  • In the field of MUAs the price a client pays should be for the experience and technique rather than the range of products they will use.

  • Remember the most expensive is not always the best for you, so do your research carefully before committing.

  • You should feel comfortable with your chosen MUA and be able to express what you want rather than what they want to do. Have as many conversations with your MUA as you deem necessary to ensure you’re satisfied.

  • The majority of MUAs will offer a trial look, which can be beneficial to have if you feel slightly on edge about the look you have chosen. Although it will cost you, it’s money well spent to keep your mind at ease.

It is YOUR wedding therefore you should feel yourself, and most importantly feel comfortable in your own skin without looking like someone else.

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