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  • Priti Raichura

Why is Wedding Planning so Stressful?

Wedding Planning is as stressful as you make it. From the onset you’ve got to be realistic about what you can deliver, and what others can do for you. Of course, wedding planning can be fun too, and it allows couples to get creative and make their dream wedding a reality. It’s a bonding time for family and friends to come together and be a part of that special day. We are PR Events thieve on making every wedding the most enjoyable and fun, but have noticed that when couples come to us, they are sometimes drained and ready to pull their hair out. It really doesn’t need to be that way. Below we have given you some pointers on how to enjoy the planning:

1. Be realistic

Be realistic about what you want to achieve and what others can do for you. Be clear about what is the most important thing to you and your partner. Do your family share this vision of what you want to execute on your big day? Are you constrained about a budget? If you keep changing the most important things YOU want, then things can get stressful. We advise, put pen to paper, and write down exactly what you want and right down next to it what you will accept if you cant. That will start to help you, and vendors to help with executing your vision.

2. Learn to relax and take things in your stride – Take time out

When you’re constantly talking about your wedding with family and friends, it can start to become draining. Constantly thinking about your wedding, and maybe getting stressed out about things not going to plan can get stressful. Try and enjoy time out with friends and family, and set some ground rules about having a good time, having a laugh, and not talking about the wedding at all. Spend valuable time out as a couple, and enjoy each others company just as you did when you were dating – set rules not to constantly keep talking about the wedding, and maybe talking about what isn’t working to plan.

3. Think about a hiring a wedding planner – It doesn’t need to be expensive and in fact

can save you money.

Most couples nowadays book out a wedding planner and see it as a necessity. A wedding planner with the right skill set will enable their couples to help stay on top of things, and help identify the best vendors for executing their dream wedding. Your wedding planner also comes with a wealth of knowledge about the industry ensuring everything is perfect on the day allowing family and friends to have a good time. Some wedding planners also get good discounts with vendors such as photographers, caters, designers, DJ’s enabling couples to save money when they book through their planners. Always check this before booking out your planner so it can be beneficial to you. We at PR Events have ten different venues, and affordable caters, DJ’s, Caters, Photographers and many more vendors, all that offer discounted rates for our clients when they book with us.

4. How to best utilise your wedding planner

Highlight your vision, and what you want to create. If you have a budget in mind, and don’t know where to start, ask them to help. Work with your planner and explain your limitations and your expectations. Work as a team, and allow your planner to help advise you on what is best.

5. You have no event management experience or Wedding Planning experience

We agree, its not easy to organise a wedding and/or reception, particularly if you’ve never organised something like this before. As exciting as it may be, many couples start to panic nearer to the time and things start to feel stressful. Many couples after booking out their vendors find it difficult to bring everything together and coordinate the entire day. Of course, on the day, the couple are busy getting married, and they don’t want to worry about the finer details of the day in managing the logistics. If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly like spreadsheets and floor plans, and doesn’t like to put itineraries together for set up and finish times for the vendors to adhere too, then this is something you may want to pass onto someone else, or your planner as this is the most crucial part of bringing all the bits together to make it successful. If you are thinking of a wedding planner, and not sure if you require one, or simply want a chat, ring PR Events for a no obligation chat on 07866 727 181.

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