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  • Priti Raichura

Why Have a Destination Wedding?

Well, I am tempted to say, “why not?” Planning a wedding away from home has its plus points, and all yout guests can share a holiday with yourselves at the same time.

Destination weddings can also be a lot cheaper depending on which destination you choose, and the bride and groom can be rest assured that all their requirements will be met when booking your wedding through our company. Our experienced team members can ensure that all your requirements from the minute you land, to the moment you leave the country are catered for.

Many clients ask me if wedding planners charge lots of money, and my answer is somewhat simple – its a NO. Any reputable company receives discounted deals from the vendors, and thats how the bespoke package for clients is put together. Its definitely worth comparing notes on how beneficial it can be having a reputable wedding planner making it totally headache free for the couple.

On my recent trip to India, I met with some amazing suppliers and visited some breathtaking resorts where the bride and groom can enjoy their wedding with their beloved families and guests. From enjoying a wedding at the palaces in Rajastan to enjoying a beach resort in Goa can be a enjoyable option.

Recently i was interviewed by the BBC and they asked me some questions on why a destination wedding is more appealing, and below i aim to give you reasons why:

  1. Your families and friends are from all over the globe. Many couples with far-flung families have thrown up their hands in despair at trying to find a spot that suits everyone, therefore after much thought many couples consider destination weddings as a favourable options.

  2. You’re not into traditional hotel/ reception hall weddings. You’ve been there, done that (you know who you are—you’ve attended a wedding approximately 40 out of the last 52 weekends). All of these kinds of options are leaving you cold. But someplace warm? Ah, now that’s a different story.

  3. You want to make the planning easier (yes, easier). It’s true that any wedding—whether at home or away— can morph into a logistical nightmare. But by allowing a reputable company like ours to do all your leg work for you allows you to enjoy your special day with your guests, and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

  4. You want to streamline costs (or even, in some cases, save money). No one can definitively say that a destination wedding costs less than that at-home, however, no one can say it costs more, either. However, it often turns out to be easier to keep costs in check in a faraway location. Two reasons: One, you’re likely to have a smaller guest list (the biggest way to save money on your wedding is to keep the list lean); and two, your choices are less copious than they might be at home. When you’re planning from afar, it all seems exotic and wonderful, so you’re more likely to be happy with the simple clutch of local flowers the hotel or resort provides, whereas at home you’d be visiting a half-dozen florists and being tempted by the sales advisor to spend a lot more than anticipated for your big day.

Of course, India isn’t the only place we can organise your wedding, but we have many other destinations too were we can plan a bespoke wedding for you.

Do get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion and our team will be more than happy to help make your dream wedding come to life.

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